My Pageant Story

Besides McDonald’s, my grandfather and I also shared a love for pageants. I never had cable growing up so it was such a treat when big events such as pageants were aired on prime time. My grandfather and I were always excited to watch it together and took bets on who we think would win. I never competed in pageants when I was younger because I was too heavy and our family couldn’t afford it. Who would have thought that 2309over 30 years later I would compete in my first pageant? I was at Embassy Suites one day to sign a contract for work. My contact at Embassy Suites was excited to share with me that the Mrs. Ohio Pageant was conducting their interviews there that day and convinced me that I should sign up for it. I was hesitant at first, but curious about the idea so I Googled it that night and contacted the Pageant Director. Three weeks later, I got a call from her and my pageant journey began from there. Completely new to the pageant world, I had no clue what I was doing or getting myself into. Six weeks before the pageant, a pageant coach reached out to me because she wanted to coach me. She was truly a fairy godmother sent down from heaven to transform me into a pageant queen. She helped me pick out my gown, practice my interview, and taught me how to walk in 6-inch heels. I competed in my first pageant on May 30, 2015, took 2nd runner-up and won the “Best in Fitness” award.


My pageant journey didn’t end there. A couple months later, I decided to compete in another pageant. This was the Captivating Pageant and it had a fashion show portion that really intrigued me. My husband and I fun-fashiondesigned, engineered, and made my outfit together. Being able to share this experience with him was truly special to me. I competed in my second pageant on August 16, 2015, took 1st runner-up and won the “Most Photogenic” award. It has been a great learning experience and I met some of the most amazing women I would have otherwise never met. I’m still undecided on whether I will continue with this pageant journey or venture into something else. However, I think if my grandfather is alive today, he would be so surprised but also very proud that his chubbiest granddaughter (out of 10) is the one competing in pageants.

Special thanks to Christian Valentine for creating this video highlight.

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